What You Can Do for Your Blog in the Next 2 Weeks

This time tomorrow I will be in Florida, looking forward to a 2 week holiday visiting Disney, Harry Potter, Universal Studies and Discovery Cove. This also means, this will be one of my last posts for two weeks. However, don’t be too downhearted (follow me on Twitter to stay updated with me in Florida). While I am away, there are many things you can do for your blog and I am about to list them all right now.

  • Keep Posting – This is no doubt the most important thing you must keep doing to keep your blog being successful. 2-3 high quality posts a week will keep your blog up and running well. Remember, quality not quantity.
  • Experiment your Adsense Units – Try out different types and placements of your adsense ads to increase your CTR and earnings.
  • Guest post – Guest blogging is just as important as posting to your own blog. It helps increase traffic, pagerank and more. I would suggest you to try one guest post a week.
  • Work on Socialising with Followers – Remember that your subscribers are the most important factor to a successful blog and if they are not happy, your blog will be a failure. Talk to them on social sites such as Twitter and ask for their feedback to make your blog better.
  • Work on the Look of your Landing pages  – This is the page people ‘land’ on when they visit your site. Improving the looks of your landing pages can seriously decrease bounce rate which every blog wants to happen.
  • Check out your Stats – This comes with the warning that you shouldn’t make checking stats priority. For many bloggers, they check on a minute-to-minute basis of their stats, almost like an addiction. This you do not want to do. Once a day is all you need.

While you will be doing all of the above to your blog, I will be in the sunshine state known as Florida. Have a good 2 weeks and remember to follow me on Twitter. That will be the only way you will be able to communicate with me. Good luck with your blogs and see you in two weeks!



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