5 Reasons Why 140 Character for a Tweet is All You Need

One of Twitter’s features is that each tweet can only be as long as 140 characters. 140 characters you can choose to fill to the brim with words or not: it’s your choice. Now, this can have advantages as well as disadvantages. But today, I’m going to tell you why each one of your tweets needs to only be 140 characters or less.

Twitter can be described as a form of micro-blogging with the bare minimum tools to stay in contact with others. This is tweeting, following and un-following (that is Twitter summed up). That is why Twitter’s form of communication is also ‘micro’. Twitter doesn’t want people to spam other’s timeline with huge tweets: a tweet is designed to get straight to the point. Here’s 5 other reasons why 140 characters for a tweet is all you need:

  • Stops You Babbling – Knowing that you have 140 characters stops you from going on: it lets you get straight to the point of your tweet.
  • Increases Followers – A tweeter will not want someone who has huge tweets on their timeline. It takes up too much room and is frustrating especially if the tweet is dull which can lose you followers. There is the opposite to that where short tweets will encourage others to follow you as they know you get to the point with your tweets and don’t take up to much space or time reading.
  • A Tweet is a Short Message – Expanding on the 140 characters for a tweet is ruining the point of Twitter! Long messages are not designed for Twitter.
  • Enables you to be Retweeted – Making your tweets short (preferably shorter than 140 characters) gives others the opportunity to retweet your tweets as they will have the spare characters to mention you in their retweet (@username).
  • Saves you Time – As well as it benefiting others, it will benefit you and your time! Writing long tweet is time consuming and inefficient. Writing a tweet to the guidelines of 140 characters will save you time letting you spend the time you saved on doing something else.

We all know that Twitter made tweets 140 characters to benefit the social media site and ourselves. Any longer and we are ruining and taking advantage of Twitter. I see sites enabling you to tweet for as long as you want. Twitter isn’t designed for that. A tweet is called ‘tweet’ because the (yes it goes with Twitter but..) like a bird tweeting, it doesn’t take up much time or characters. Expanding the the tweet means we will have to call it something longer such as a ‘cockadoodledoo’ and we all don’t want that!

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