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Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey - The Matched Betting Choice

For all those are a little savvy out there, you will know of course that matched betting is a great income if you put the hours into it. But, the main problem with matched betting is in finding the offers, odds which won't lose too much for qualifying losses and more. This is where both Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey come into place. Both websites offer services to make match betting much easier, enabling many people to earn around £500-£1000 a month. However, which matched betting website should you go for? After using both for a good few months at minimum, here is an objective review of both matched betting services, going into the every detail each website offers and at what cost. Here is Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey.

I will do a like-for-like comparison of both matched betting websites at the bottom of this article. Below is a little bit about the main pros and cons to each website after using both of them.
This article was created on the 15th November 2016 - all information in this article is true of that date.

Profit Accumulator

Click here to sign up with Profit Accumulator.
Profit Accumulator (or 'PA' as members refer to it as) was my first experience of matched betting since someone referred me to using them. PA offers many features all at two prices:
  • FREE - You can become introduced to matched betting with two offers that can earn you up to £45. The idea with this is to give users the possibility to make up to £45 profit, which could be reinvested in purchasing a Profit Accumulator subscription which would cover around 2 months of membership risk free (or one month with the Match Catcher subscription too).
  • £22.99/month - This will give you all the access PA has on offer (tutorials, reload offers, forum, Oddsmatching software and matched betting calculator) except Match Catcher. It is a rolling monthly contract.
  • £150/year (works out as £12.50/month) - For a cheaper price per year, you can have all the access PA has on offer except Match Catcher. 
As well as this, PA have other software on offer at an additional subscription fee per month:
  • Platinum Plus. This includes:
    • Match Catcher: a rapidly updating horse racing matcher, is £15.99/month or £130/year with the promise to have free accumulator software when finished as part of the yearly subscription. 
    • Acca Matcher which is PA's way to make money with Accumulator refund offers (such as refund if one of your 5+ accumulator loses). It should be noted that previously, before Acca Matcher had been created, Match Catcher was offered at £9.99 a month or £115 per year.
For this reason, if you want all of the features of PA, you can either pay monthly at £38.98/month or £280/year (works out as £23.33/month on average).

PA Pros

Profit Accumulator has many benefits which a lot of people will like and use them for:
  • The structure and look of the website - I really like the way offers are displayed, with images of the betting companies next to the offer. This makes it really easy to see the offers and is very effective when it comes to scanning through what offers you want to/can do.
  • The offers instructions - The instructions for each offer is in great detail, which makes it very easy to do the offer with confidence. Some of the offers have videos to compliment them, which makes life that bit easier too.
  • The forum - PA has the a lot of members for a matched betting website. This makes the forum very good at talking to others in the same boat as you and getting details about offers etc.
  • Weekly emails - Another great feature, PA will send out weekly emails to tell you of all the reload offers there are to do for the week, so you don't even have to find them yourself. They will usually do this at the start of the weekend on mid-week if there are some great mid-week offers on that cannot be missed. 

PA Cons

Poor Odds Matching Software

.Profit Accumulator developed their own odds matching software which, at first, seemed to compete against OddsMonkey's. However, after using it, it still has bugs in it such as wrong commission amounts for the exchanges and odds which are now the same in the bookie and exchange as to what the software states <-- I emailed PA to tell them this and asked them what I should do and they replied to tell me to stay up to date with a forum post on their forum for all the bugs in the odds matching software - time we can agree will be not well spent and consuming.
I will do a comparison of the two odds matching software (PA and OddsMonkey) at the bottom of this article in a table.
Update 15/11/16 - Like with any new software, there will be bugs, which have since been eliminated. They have also added four extra bookmarkers to the software bringing their total count of bookies in the software to 46.

Refusal for a Valid Refund

I first paid monthly but then moved to £150 a year. However, it is important to note that the terms and conditions state that they do not give refunds: for anything. Profit Accumulator had been using OddsMonkey's Oddsmatcher software until around February/March 2016 time until PA cancelled their use of it with a 30 days notice (in such a case, I'm surprised they did not develop their new software first instead of having no Oddsmatching software at all for some time). At this time, PA developed their own Oddsmatching software which disrupted many users since the new software was down for around a week and had many glitches and bugs in it which made it extremely difficult to use. I contacted PA about this saying I wanted a refund and they refused - it took around a week of emails back and forth for them to refund me the time (10 days worth of subscription) the Oddsmatching software was down. Below are a few excerpts of the conversation.
Profit Accumulator first refused a refund based on their refund policy

My reply to the above email

I had heard no reply to my above email so sent another email days later

Profit Accumulator finally give me a partial refund for the software being down
The reason this conversation even existed was because Profit Accumulator use to use OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher software to display good matches for bets. However, OddsMonkey changed their pricing structure and PA decided to develop their own software (where OddsMonkey changed to a per user charging mechanism). OddsMonkey continued to develop their own matched betting website to compete against PA which I will go into detail below.


With all of the features of PA, the total price for PA per month rolling is £38.98 - this can seem very expensive especially when OddsMonkey is 48% of the price (monthly rolling) of PA and has more features.

'Profit Exaggerator'

Many people on the forum refer to PA as 'Profit Exaggerator' after some of the reloads seem to be exaggerated as amazing offers when they are not that profitable at all. For example, there was an offer where PA have teamed up with MatchBook to give PA members a refund on commission. PA advertised this as a five star offer that everyone should do. However, the forum did not see this that profitable and looked at it as if PA were exaggerating the offer, hence 'Profit Exaggerator' - as it turned out, one forum member worked out you would have to use MatchBook every day betting £238 a day for 10 days to get a refund of £50.


OddsMonkey originally created an Oddsmatcher software for which they rented out to Profit Accumulator. When PA cancelled their use for the software, Oddsmonkey looked to create their own website to compete against PA.  Here are their following subscription packages:
  • FREE - You can become introduced to matched betting with two offers that can earn you up to £45. The idea with this is to give users the possibility to earn up to £45, which will make the first three months of using OddsMonkey risk free when purchasing a membership (as they can pay the membership fee with the profits made) - this is similar to what PA offer.
  • Usually £19.99 a month (but limited time only it is £15/month), you can have full access to all of OddsMonkey's services, which includes tutorials, Oddsmatcher tool, Dutch Search, The Racing Matcher, The Each Way Matcher, The Tennis Matcher, Daily Offer Calander (reloads), Forum, EV calculator, Eacy Way Calculator, The Acca Matcher, Each Way Reverse Calculator and a Matched Betting Calculator (and breathe...).
  • Usually £239.98 a year but for a limited time £150/year, you can have all the above access but on a cheaper yearly subscription.
And this is it - there are no extra prices to pay other than the above for all of OddsMonkey features.

OddsMonkey Pros

The main reason I went to OddsMonkey was because of the poor service I had received from PA with the Oddsmatching software down for so long. It was also tempted to try the alternative to PA which was much cheaper and with many more features.

The Features

There are so many features OddsMonkey has which PA does not such as The Each Way Matcher, The Tennis Matcher, Dutch search and a better odds matching software. I will go into detail the features they have and compare them to PA at the bottom of the article.
A great example of a feature is in the Oddsmatcher software. Once the user has found a matched bet with a bookie and exchange, they can click on the logos of the bookie and exchange. From doing so:
  • The bet will be added to a bet slip in the bookie using a safe URL (so it cannot be tracked from where it originated), so that all you have to do is login, specify a stake and bet.
  • The exchange will open from a safe URL to the correct page to lay the bet.
This makes placing bets very very convenient and quick.

Much Cheaper

Compared to the rolling price of £38.98 for all of the features of PA, the equivalent cost for OddsMonkey's features plus more is £15/month.

Better Features too

Even when compared to PA's existing features such as their Oddsmatching tool and Match Catcher for horse racing, OddsMonkey still beats them as their tools are much easier to use and have next to none in bugs/glitches and more features implemented into them. An example of one of the features Oddsmonkey have which PA do not is the Each Way Matcher, which enables anyone to make some serious money with placing each way bets on horse racing. I have found that the best day to utilise this is on a Saturday morning, where I have, on average, made over £100 for an hour's work! It really is amazing. Below is an example of literally where it was possible to make some serious money (and to prove I'm not lying)! What is attractive about this is the fact it does not require any free bets or offers because you are simply just betting each way on a horse. Therefore, you can take advantage of bookies which have banned you from taking part in promotions too.

OddMonkey's Each Way Matcher illustrating the possibility to make hundreds of pounds from a few each way horse racing bets

OddsMonkey Cons

Forum not as large a community

The community is not as large on OddsMonkey as it is on PA. However, as time passes, this will increase. It only makes a big difference if you are likely to use the forum. (for which I don't - only if I wanted to see what everyone else was saying about a certain offer).
Update: As of November 2016, OddsMonkey  has helped 30,000+ matched betters. Therefore, this number has definitely increased to something that will make the forum much more usable.

Daily Offer Calendar

The Daily Offer Calaneder, which contains all of the reload offers, is nowhere near as nice to use as the Reloads section on PA. The instructions are not as detailed and the lack of bet company logos makes it more difficult to sift through the offers. However, I have been told by OddsMonkey that they are going to introduce a feature to the section: to remove bookie offers from appearing at your choice so that you do not see offers from gubbed bookies - a useful feature to help sift through offers.
[Update 15th November 2016]: OddsMonkey have introduced a 'Current Offers' area which contains exactly the same reload offers as the Daily Offer Calander but in a much nicer and user friendly layout.
A screenshot of the Current Offers Layout for Reload Offers

Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey 

[Update 12th September 2016] - Since creating this article back on 6th June 2016, both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey have released their own accumulator matchers which have the functionality to enable people to bet and lay on accumulators to take advantage of the numerous offers bookies hand out, such as a free bet if one/two/three legs lose etc.

Profit Accumulator's version is called Acca catcher and lets you choose the bookie to do offer with and automatically chooses the best eligible bets for the accumulator. What I like about this software is the fact there is a 'Refund lock in' choice which will let you profit no matter what the outcome of the accumulator is, which is pretty amazing. Profit Accumulator is allowing the Acca catchers first month free. However, after that, you will have to pay an additional fee of £15.99/month or £130/year for the Platinum Plus additional membership.

Oddsmonkey's one is called Acca matcher and has the same functionality. However, instead of a 'Refund lock in' to gunratee a profit, it has a 'Expected value' which gives you the value of the Accumulator based the probability of the results happening and how much you would profit from each probability. Not risk free, but in the long run, will make a lot of money.
Oddsmonkey's Acca macther has some more functionality with PA's does not, which allows you to either do an Accumuatlor without laying, lay all at the start or lay sequentially. Each will give you a profit in the expected value so that, in the long run, you will make money.
Oddsmonkey's Acca matcher comes FREE to all users who pay for the standard membership with Oddsmonkey - £15/month or £150/year.
Update 11/10/2016 - OddsMonkey have now released a 'Lock In Profit' choice so they have the same functionality as Profit Accumulator as well as the extra option of Accumulator 'No Lay'. For this reason:

Both accumulator software have the same functionality. However, if money was not a choice between them (and it is the biggest factor differing them), I would preferably use Profit Accumulator's as it is a bit nicer visually and you can save the accumulators too.
Update 11/10/2016 - After using both accumulators, I found that PA's Acca Cacther never had the most up to date odds, which meant I had to constantly re-edit the odds from the Acca Catcher from the bookie website. On the other hand, OddsMonkey oddsmatching software, on the whole, displays odds that are respective of what is on the bookmaker. Therefore, I never had to do this and, with the fact you can now save accumulators in OddsMonkey, I would say they are on par with PA's accumualtor software or possibly slightly better.

Table Comparison - PA vs OddsMonkey

Below is a table which goes through every feature of Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey, using a numbering system to rate each out of ten (the website with the higher rating, the better).

Profit Accumulator
Who wins?
Odds Matching Software - to find good matches to bet for and against an event with a bookie and exchange.
(Oddsmatching) PA has a nicer looking software and contains 46 betting companies and 5 exchanges. However, it has bugs (to the point there is a dedicated forum post to go through all of the bugs in the software) and it was found that the odds displayed by the software would not always correlate to the odds by the bookie and exchange, resulting in the user having to manually change the odds.
(Oddsmatcher). Has a very useful feature - upon finding a match, clicking on both the betting company and exchange logo images will guide the user to that bookie with the bet in the betslip and the correct page on the exchange (this makes it very quick to find a match and bet on it). Has many more embedded features such as sound alerts, currency change, and a percentage to show the percentage of stake that would be returned from a free bet (SnR). It contains 100 betting companies and uses your IP address to show only the bookies from your country (for the UK, this is 78 bookies) and 4 exchanges (does not contain Ladbrokes Exchange) (it is possible to override this in the settings of the software) - 54 more overall or 32 more bookies than PA for the UK.
OddsMonkey. PA’s Oddsmatching software is very young since they had to develop it themselves. The features of Oddsmatcher by OddsMonkey, such as clicking on the bet company and exchange link to be fed to the right page for that bet or adding a bet to a bet slip is a great feature (PA sends the user to the homepage only so you will still have to manually find the bets). The SnR percentage is also great for free bets and contain many more betting companies than PA. As well as this, the software has more features, more bookies and less bugs associated it, making it more reliable to use.
Matched betting calculator - to calculate the qualifying loss or profit made from betting in a bookie and exchange on an event.
PA and OddsMonkey both have very similar styled calculators with the same features.
PA and OddsMonkey both have very similar styled calculators with the same features. Since OddsMonkey made the calculator first, it can be seen that PA copied the design and feature from them. OddsMonkey also has a few additional features, such as a profit summary to show the profit/loss of both the bookie and exchange for each potential outcome. There is also a new feature which includes the option to add a part lay value in case part of your lay bet was unmatched and you need to recalculate the remaining lay required at different odds (such as what the trickybet website does).
OddsMonkey. PA copied the design from OddsMonkey who came up with the original match betting calculator style you will see in PA an OddsMonkey. But, moreover, the OddsMonkey matched betting calculator has extra features and new releases which will be made free to all members of OddsMonkey. 
Horse racing matcher - to provide matched bets with low qualifying losses to make the user applicable to potential horse racing refunds (such as free bet if 2nd, beaten by a head or less etc.). Rapidly updates as liquidity of horse racing is low.
(Match Catcher) A rapidly updating racing matcher for which the web user can select what races it can update too and use sound alerts when a good match appears. Adopts same theming as the Oddsmatching software.
(The Racing Matcher) An updating racing matcher. The page shows the races of the day and the bookies with offers associated to them races. When clicking on the bookie, the best matches appear, with a description to the user of what the bookie offer is (such as FB if comes 2nd etc.). Upon clicking on links, horse is added to bet slip on bookie website or pointed to the exchange page to lay the horse.
OddsMonkey. It is an absolute dream to use The Racing Matcher. It beats Match Catcher hands down and is also included in the £15/month price for OddsMonkey: unlike PA which charge members an additional £15.99 a month. If you want to go for horse races just before the race starts, when liquidty is low and the odds can rapidly change, then Match Catcher is probably your best bet since it updates much quicker than The Racing Matcher. However, for ease of use and time saving and if you don't mind slower refresh rates, The Racing Matcher is the one I would recommend to go for.
Reload section - to find all the new offers bookies are offering continually
(Reload offers) An easy to read area with all of the latest offers from bookies, with clear instructions and the ability to remove the offer once completed. Instructions are clear and the larger forum makes it easy to troubleshoot difficult offers. Each offer has a star rating based on how profitable the offer is, from 1-5.
(Daily Offer Calendar and Current Offers) An area to view all of the latest offers from bookies, with the ability to remove the offer once completed. Each offer is highlighted as either a ‘Potential Profit’ or ‘Guaranteed Profit’ with a value of what profit you are guaranteed to make. As well as this, they categorise the offers into easy, medium and hard so you can choose what offers appear for what difficulty.
Profit Accumulator. The reload sections is clearer to view and goes into more depth in each instruction. OddsMonkey does the same job. However, the instructions are not as clear (such as when the free bet is credited etc.). However, in the future, this may change if OddsMonkey allows users to remove gubbed offers from the area and PA offers star rating is exaggerated, as members have suggested in their forum.
Tennis matcher - to find the best matched bets on tennis to become applicable for teenis refunds (such as free bet if your player loses the first set but goes on to win)
No such feature in Profit Accumulator – you would have to use a filter to only show tennis matches in the Oddsmatching software.
(The Tennis Matcher) Adopted the same structure as The Racing Matcher, it shows the offers available by bookmakers every day and upon clicking on the bookie, a description of the offer appears with the latest odds in the bookie and exchange for all the tennis matches of the day (with the ability to one click add the bet into a bet slip and view the tennis match in the exchange).
OddsMonkey. They are offering an additional useful feature which PA does not at no extra cost to the membership price.
Dutch search - inside of backing an event and laying it in an exchange, a dutch search backs all possible outcomes with different bookies, so an exchange is not needed - good for arbing.
No such feature in Profit Accumulator. The only matched bets you can do in PA involves a bookie and an exchange.
(Dutch Search) This feature finds bookies to bet for all the possible outcomes so that instead of backing and laying (say a win-draw-win), you back a win, back a draw and back a win with three different bookies all at different stakes, calculated by the Dutch Search. A great tool for arbing that can make £100s/month.
OddsMonkey. A clear winner. This tool is extremely useful as it does not rely on an exchange and can be used on gubbed accounts without promotion. It includes many filters and settings similar to OddsMonkey's Oddsmatcher tool.
Each Way Matcher
No such feature in Profit Accumulator.
(The Each Way Matcher) Automatically updates with bookie and exchange odds to find matches so that you bet each way on a horse in the bookie, lay off in the exchange and make a guaranteed profit. A very very useful tool that can make £100s/month on gubbed accounts.
OddsMonkey. Another clear winner. What sets this unique tool apart is the fact you can bet each way on horse racing on gubbed accounts. Since each way is calculated by fractions in the bookies and by probability in the exchange, it is often very easy to make at least a 5-10% profit on any stake amount multiple times a day.
Advanced Calculators
Profit Accumulator created spreadsheets to help such as with making a guaranteed profit on bet365 horse racing offers and accumulators.
OddsMonkey has an EV (Estimated Value) calculator to calculate how profitable casino offers can be, an Each Way calculator and an Each Way Reverse calculator. They also have spreadsheets for accumulators too.
OddsMonkey. The spreadsheets from PA are accessible without a PA membership with other websites creating similar styled spreadsheets. The casino EV calculator is particularly useful by OddsMonkey.
PA has a forum.
OddsMonkey has a forum.
Profit Accumulator. Although some of the forum is now with disgruntled people referring to PA as ‘Profit Exaggerator’, it has more people communication in them making them a more useful place to be.
Training Material
(Offers section) PA has a range of articles to help rookies with understanding matched betting.
(Training) OddsMonkey has a dedicated area of articles to help rookie and expert matched betters.
OddsMonkey. Since OddsMonkey has more features, the training material is far larger than PA.
PA is contactable by email and reply very quickly.
OddsMonkey is contactable by raising a support ticket and they reply very quickly.
Draw. In terms of getting an answer, both are very good.
The Future
Profit Accumulator looks to be going down the route of making users pay an additional fee for additional features, such as Match Catcher.
When OddsMonkey bring out a new feature, they give it to new and existing users for free, all for the same price per month.
OddsMonkey. It feels as if PA are trying to squeeze people for money whereas OddsMonkey are trying to satisfy their users more. For example, since signing up with OddsMonkey, they have introduced The Tennis Matcher, The Each Way Matcher and the Acca Matcher for free whereas PA has introduce the Match Catcher and Acca Catcher for an additional fee.
Value for money
PA is £22.99 a month rolling or £150 a year.
Platinum Plus (which includes Match Catcher and Acca Catcher) will set you back an additional £15.99 a month or £130 a year.
Lowest price per month (standard membership yearly) = £12.50/month
Max price per month (rolling membership and match catcher rolling) = £38.98/month
OddsMonkey is currently £15/month or £150 a year.
It is impossible to compare OddsMonkey with Profit Accumulator as they offer everything PA offers, plus more, for a cheaper price PA currently is at.
Lowest price per month (standard membership yearly including every feature) = £12.50/month
Max price price per month (rolling standard membership including every feature) = £15/month
OddsMonkey. It’s a no brainer. In terms of value for money, OddsMonkey slaughters PA.

 OddsMonkey wins 10-2 from this table.

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  1. Hi, Will thanks for this review, it helped me make up my mind. I take it this was written in July 2015 NOT july 2016 as it says at the top of the post. "This article was created on the 5th July 2016 - all information in this article is true of that date."

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your comment and kind words. It was written in July 2016 - I am not sure what gave you the impression is what created in 2015 but this review was made during July 2016 and reflects what both software had available during July 2016.



  2. Hi I think the issue is that unless you've come back from the future in your time machine (in which case I've got some business opportunities to discuss with you), you probably didn't write it in July 2016, seeing as it's only June 2016.

    1. Very good point! Apologies for this typo and above comment, the mistake has been corrected!

  3. I'm from Philippines will I be able to join?Will it accept my bank account here or do I need UK bank account?Is there any requirement/request for UK mailing address also?

    Amazing article though.

    1. On OddsMonkey's oddsmatcher software, there is the option to 'show bookmarkers outside the current country' but I cannot say for sure if it works in other countries. The problem being as well that both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey show offers for the UK only (and sometimes Ireland). That means this offers are not applicable for other countries. However, there will be bookies in your country with offers so it is still possible to do matched betting in your country.

      In terms of the bank account and mailing address, I would suggest you contact both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey direct to get an answer for these questions.



  4. Very informative guide - may switch to Odds Monkey in the not to distant future methinks.

    1. Hi Terry,

      What I would say is give OddsMonkey a month and see how you feel. If you don't like it, you can go back to PA and have only spent £15. But, I think most people that will switch will stay with OddsMonkey.



  5. Good read, currently with PA however think I will give OddsMonkey a try after this review.

    1. Just like I said with Terry above, it might be worth it: especially if you are paying for £38.98/month with PA.

  6. I am subscribed to PA both products and, hands down, their match + acca catcher is simply not worth additional £15/month. They may do the hard work by finding matches for you but it is way too much over-priced. Will subscribe to OM after the current subscription ends in two weeks. Their forum is invaluable, though.

  7. Subscribe to both.PA- better forum with administrator filtering every message and answering questions pronto! Unlike OM. Also has more beginners,advance reload offers than OM. OM- elite software,calculator,spreadsheets everything you need is in the site unlike PA that still uses other sites calculator like trickybet. Their calculators are all over the place. Not easy to follow acca guides too. Use both that's my advice!

  8. There is another one called profit squirrel and I wonder if odds monkey is still better.