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The Pros and Cons of Online Marketing

The amount of online marketing has really seen an increase over the past several years. This is due in large part to the rise of social networks online. Almost everyone has a Twitter or Facebook account that they use on a daily basis. People in every age group are spending time online. It's no surprise that companies use online marketing to reach current and potential customers. There are so many ways open to promote products/services now  so let me outline the pros and cons. There are advantages to online marketing, but there are also possible cons to consider as well. 

Pros of Online Marketing
Low Cost Options: Small businesses can reach a large number of people without spending a lot of money. Anyone with an internet connection can connect with consumers through free popular services like Facebook and Twitter. Even paid advertising online costs less than traditional advertising through places like the Yellow Pages.

Consumer Accessibility: With online marketing you can reach people where they are. Companies can find people interested in their product on forums and social networks. Some websites even allow companies to market to individuals based on their stated preferences and interests. This is one great advantage to online marketing, reaching out to your target market has never been easier and the accessibility to international markets makes it ever more intriguing.

Real Time Results: With traditional marketing you have to wait to see the results of your efforts. Advertisements are placed in newspapers or mailboxes. It may take weeks to start experiencing an impact on sales. Online marketing can see instantaneous results. An email message to your list can receive replies minutes or even seconds after you send it. If you have a popular Facebook page, your fans may start posting replies as soon as they see something new posted to your wall.

Cons of Online Marketing
Harder to Build Trust: Sometimes it is easier to earn someone's trust when you can talk to them face-to-face. When you market to an individual in person you can judge his reactions by his body language and facial expressions. You can build trust online, but it can take time.

No Physical Product: When a customer's walk into a business they can experience what they are buying through their senses. For example, when someone walks into a coffee shop they can see the coffee being ground and smell the delicious aroma. Online marketing must rely on photos and video to reach consumers.

Online marketing will continue to grow as technology expands into different areas of people's lives. You can reach and grow your consumer base if you approach online marketing with your eyes open. Realize that there are both pros and cons of marketing to people online. Always stay on top of online marketing as this will ensure that your site stays competitive. Just take advantage of the pros and make any necessary adjustments to your strategy to reduce the impact of the cons.
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  4. For me, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. A little online marketing can go a long way, when done right.

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  5. Online marketing has a lot of advantages since internet is accessed by millions of people. The problem about that though is these same people are strangers, so they won't necessarily believe whatever you're marketing right away.

  6. Online marketing has helped not only entrepreneurs but also health service providers as well. Many dentists have invested on launching their own dental websites recently to reach more patients.

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