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Search Engine Optimization in Blogging: Some Tips

This is a guest post by Kristine Joy
Are you passionate about blogging? Do you want to earn enough money through blogging? Or you have a blog and you are in search of some tips through which you can make your blog a hit in the net? Then you must know about search engine optimization. As this is one of the major tools to make your blog a hit.

Not wasting much of your time, here are some quick tips about search engine optimization in blogging. These can help you to make your blog a favorite in the seo searches.

Try to put the keyword in the title tag of your blog post:

Always try to write the title tag of your blog post with the keyword. Keep attention to make the title reader oriented. Put the words of the title in such a way that it draws traffic. It is one of the most important tips for making your blog a search engine favorite.

Create a well-planned blog assigning popular keywords:

You can create and start a blog in minutes. It is really an easy task, but the challenge lies in making it popular over years. To make your blog one of the popular blogs and matter-of-interest just go through a well-planned strategy. Search and assign those keywords that are popular and easily make your blog a seo favorite. Try this one and see the magic! See to make your dream comes true to popularize and earn through your blog.

Set a Glossary of Research Keyword:

You must know how much keyword research is in demand nowadays! Just plan to set a glossary of research keywords in your blog, so that your visitors can share that tool. Do not forget to set that glossary, which contains topics that are in high demand. It will sure to give your blog a good traffic.

Keep a balanced optimization for readers and search engine:

While including keywords be careful to include those keywords that are favorites to both the audience and the search engine. Doing this, you are sure to gain a height in your search engine optimization traffic. Do not ignore one of the either. As without one the other is not there. So, give attention to both.

Try to Use your Keywords in your blog’s Links:

Thorough research proved that any keyword topic draws more than one post. So, when you are planning contents for your blog, be sure to provide links in it. Give descriptive links. Doing this you are drawing both the search engines as well as the readers.Provide your descriptive links to the older posts. The keywordsthat you will use in those links are known as anchor texts. They are underlined texts in blue color. Uses of anchor texts keywords are to say the readers that they are sure to see the respectivecontents by clicking on the links. Also, those keywords are important for search engine optimization in blogging as they help to generate traffic.

Kristine Serran currently works as a search engine optimization specialist from a reputable SEO company.

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  1. You explained these simple blogging tips very well. It is definitely important to plan your blog wisely before you start.

  2. Guest posting is really something. It helps improve the website by making other people write something informative on your website.

  3. Exactly, it's a win win. Guest bloggers get the valuable links while we get unique quality content.