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10 Reasons to Comment on Other Blogs as a Blogger

As a blogger, it is always in your mind to increase traffic, make yourself known to the world and create 'blogger buddies'. There are many methods to doing this like guest posting but what you don't know is that there is an extremely easy way to generally make your blogger experience better. Haven't guessed it yet? If you haven't just take a look at the title. Here is ten reasons why you as a blogger be it using Blogger or Wordpress should comment on other people's blogs.

Firstly, once you have read this you can start commenting straight away below the article here! Let's start your commenting career off today, right now, on this blog! Anyway, here's the ten reasons:
  • Creates friendships with new bloggers - Commenting with other bloggers creates a friendship that can help you so many ways such as linking to each other's websites or even guest posting!
  • You get noticed - If you write a good comment on another blog, internet users as curious as they are will want to find more about you and see more good content from you.
  • 'What goes around comes around' - It's a two way system: you comment others blog and others will comment on your blog! If people see that you are constantly commenting of other blogs, they will see you as being social and will comment on your blog.
  • It's the whole point of blogging! - Blogging is meant to be a community and you can't have a community if nobody talks. A community shares and provides information.
  • Increases traffic to your blog - As I have said, people will be curious and have a look at your blog and if you have a good quality blog, you will attract a lot more people to it.
  • Provides useful information for others - Just like I said with a community, you are providing others your opinion and help which can benefit others.
  • Provides useful information for you - And the opposite, others are providing their opinion and help to you, which will benefit you.
  • Build a brand - By commenting will help you be recognised as a nice person who cares and wants to help others. Building brands can make and break a blog. A person who comments good useful content will be recognised as a nicer person than someone who comments negatively with bad quality content. 
  • Become a better writer - With commenting, it's a conversation with the blog owner or other commentators and with blogs. People love reading blogs the most when the article is in a 'chatty' tone like the reader is having a conversation with them. Commentating on other blogs will help you develop a 'chatty conversational' tone. 
  • Increases subscribers - Back to people being curious, if you present yourself (branding) as a high quality content blogger, they will want to subscribe to you for your latest updates.
Comments generally benefit you and your blog. What more it can do is provide a source of feedback. For example, a loyal reader may comment saying 'Well done keep it up'. This will tell the owner of the blog his articles are satisfying his readers and that he generally is doing a good job. 

Try out for yourself now! Comment below and you will be surprised by how much a few comments on different blogs can change your blogging career.

About Will Green

A student in England studying Automotive Engineering with Motorsport, Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money. You can follow AskWillOnline via @AskWillOnline.

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  1. I agree with you. The whole blogging community needs to comment a lot more and share the views more vocally just like I am!

  2. Yes, if everyone from any blogging community shared their opinions a bit more, everyone would benefit. Commenting only takes a about 10 seconds, Why not then?

  3. You're probably right and I'm terrible at commenting on other's blogs. I read a lot of them, comment little. Having said that, I'm not too bothered about comments on my own blog as it's more for my own benefit - a diary, if you like. It's good if people follow and comment but I'm not too concerned if they don't, which is just as well as I get very few comments - lol!!

  4. Yes I agree: comments vary in significance on different blogs. I think websites that aim to benefit others find comments more important than websites like yours.

  5. Commenting is a very important aspect of blogging and sometimes comments offer more additional information than articles as well. Comments are a discussion and discussions brings out the best ideas.

  6. Yes, with one article you may only get the opinion of the writer. With comments, you fpget the opinion of many.

  7. Hey Will,

    thanks for notifying me about this great post at your blog. Exactly, commenting is very important for bloggers, not just to get traffic, links but also to build relationships with other bloggers that help us to get going in this blogging world.

    Thanks for this nice post! :)

  8. Glad it proved of interest to you. Commenting has proved crucial as from it we have gained a blogging relationship! Yes, with the links, it increases page rank which leads to an increase in organic traffic. All knock on effects from commenting...

  9. yeah i agree 100% it really does help your traffic and you build friendships on the way

    cheers will for a great post:)

  10. Exactly, sometimes after commenting on several articles I get a sudden urge of traffic which doesn't 'bounce' away as the reader wants to know more about you from the comment on another blog.

  11. Good post. Some people feel like posting comments to gain backlinks is taking advantage of another blog, but bloggers actually appreciate it when people comment on their posts, as long as it's not spam!

  12. Exactly, it builds a society of bloggers all with the same interests

  13. Good article, it's often easy to overlook the effect on your brand and the friendships that you can make with other bloggers through commenting. Traffic definitely isn't everything, and through making these connections it can give you long-term benefits for your own blog.

  14. have been researching ways to increase my blog traffic, this is my first stop - good tips, precise and clear. thanks

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