Invision Executive iPad 2/3 Smart Case Review

Like many other people, I guess, when Apple released their new case for the iPad being the Smart Cover, I was not impressed at all. There are many faults of the Smart Cover with the main being it doesn’t protect the back. It scratches the iPad where the magnets connect and is extremely overpriced at £35-£55. Even so, I still stupidly bought it. However, with the iPad 3, I decided the Smart Cover ‘pro-Apple’ route was not the right way to go when choosing my next case. Instead, I went for the Invision Executive iPad 2 Smart Cover Case and here is my review of this case.

To see a full gallery of photos of the Invision iPad Smart Case with and without the iPad in the case, click here on Invision iPad Smart Case Gallery Pictures.


The design of the Invision iPad 2 is exactly what I wanted in a case to protect my iPad. It takes the good from Apple’s Smart Cover while protecting the back of the iPad too. It doesn’t scratch the iPad in any way and also comes in a amazing selection of different leather colours. Yes, leather. The Invision iPad 2 case is leather and feels of quality. Like no other case, it also doesn’t compromise the beauty of the iPad. The case bolts to the four corners of the iPad leaving 99% of the bezel showing around the iPad. My only negativity of this case is the magnet that is used to auto wake/sleep the iPad. Because the magnets polarity counts for the iPad 3, it means the auto sleep wake feature will not work. But, for all those that feel that their iPad 3 won’t fit into it, I can 100% assure you it fits perfectly and will most likely fit with any other iPad 2 case too.


Like I have already mentioned, the Invision iPad case screams out quality. Made from a high quality PU leather, this case will survive and protect your iPad while feeling great in your hands. On the inside, you will find a micro-fibre material very similar to the Smart Cover from Apple. This will clean your screen every time you close the lid. As well as this, the inside of the back of the case is also micro-fibre preventing scratches to the back of your iPad.

The Invision iPad Case has a micro-fibre lining preventing scratching


I can safely say this is the most beautiful looking case on the market for iPad cases. With several colours to pick from from orange to blue to brown or black, your iPad will look great in any colour. Personally, I choose brown to give my iPad a business feel to it. It is also one of few cases that do not add bulk to the iPad. It doesn’t take over the iPad. It compliments it instead.


So, you can buy Apple’s Smart Cover for £35 or you can buy this case for £19.95. It’s nearly half the price of Apple’s case with double the features and protection. This really is a no brainer. You have got to be mad to choose the Smart Cover over the Invision iPad case. I was mad and did this first time round. However, I have learnt from my mistakes and turned sane through buying the Invision Smart case. Is it value for money? Yes. Do I regret buying it? Never.

You can buy the Invision Executive iPad 2/3 Smart Cover Case on Amazon. Beware, the auto sleep wake feature will not work on the iPad 3 (don’t let this put you off buying it though!).

To see a full gallery of photos of the Invision iPad Smart Case with and without the iPad in the case, click here on Invision iPad Smart Case Gallery Pictures.

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