Puppy Tweets – A Way For Your Canine Friends to Tweet!

Up until 2009 my dog Stella attended doggy camp on a daily basis. I had peace of mind and moments of great delight and respite watching my mutt play via strategically located web cams. That all came to an end with weakening economy. Thirty bucks a day was totally out of the question; truth be told, Stella was already transitioning from puppyhood into a more mature and less destructive stage.

My niece Matty came to the rescue and introduced me to something that on the surface appeared like a silly toy but after some research it proved to be just the right thing for me. Puppy Tweets is an electronic transmitter that will tweet as your dog engages in different activities from eating to playing or plain sleeping. What a relief it was to know that my little furry friend was moving around. That in tandem with my pet cam gave me peace of mind but above all it gave me little morsels of joy as I received various silly tweets from my dog.

It is silly, but for $30 you can get month after month of joyful silliness and tons of smiles. Seldom will you see rants and you will never see an #fail.

It has been 2 months since we purchased this little gadget and already my dog has more followers than I do.

A few cautionary statements:

  • Be prudent on how your dog posts. Don’t make tweeting evidence that you are not at home.
  • Remove the Puppy Tweets when on the trail. It is rather large and it can get stuck on vines and branches.
  • Be kind in the way you place words in your dog’s mouth. People and canine followers do matter.

This editorial was provided by the invisible dog fence experts at dogfencediy.

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