Promote your Online Business through Twitter and Feel the Benefits

If you are searching for new and upcoming ways to promote your business online, which can be effective too, twitter is your solution. You can use this social networking website to build your customer base and then increase it by different methods. The advantages of using twitter to promote your online business are listed below.

1. Account flexibility – When you create an account with twitter, you can import contact from your Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook accounts. Thus when you sign up for twitter, make sure that you use the right account. It would be advisable to use the main contact address of your company through which you do all the official works such as sending newsletters or confirmation of orders. This will ensure that your customers will be able to follow you automatically when they sign up for twitter. You should also use your company name as your account name.

2. Building followers – Once you have registered yourself in twitter you would like to gather as many followers as possible. Usually in twitter there is a group of people who follow you back in return, if you follow them. You can search for people who are related to your industry, brand or product either in a business level or as customers and follow them. In majority of the cases they will follow you back, thereby increasing your followers.

3. Ability to import database – You would want all your contact to be on twitter so that they can follow you. This is not difficult to achieve as you can import contacts from common webmail services such as Hotmail on Twitter. You have to export your customer database as CSV and then import these contacts into a webmail program. You can now import these contacts into twitter and start building your follower base.

4. Varied marketing – You will be able to gather a lot of followers if you provide good content or good content link. If you link to content, Twitter allows you to retweet, which is similar to a forwarded mail. This is a form of viral marketing as your address is passed along with your comments to your followers. You can also post pictures on twitter to promote your brand.

Thus you can see how twitter is beneficial for promoting your online business.

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