How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business Online

Twitter is one of the most popular and widely used social networking websites today. It is actually a micro-blogging venue, where a person can share quick information to other people. Take note that anyone on the site could only post messages that are just 140 characters long. Thus, it is necessary to use your skill for making catchy headlines.

Needless to say, you could use Twitter to promote your business online. The effectiveness of the social networking site for this purpose should never be underestimated. It could help make your business more popular because it employs ‘word-of-mouth’ across the Internet. Your ‘Tweets’ could always be re-tweeted by other people, which makes this online tool exponential.

To be able to use Twitter for promoting your business, you need to first sign up for an account. Create a catchy name or use your trade name. Here are some techniques you could use to attain your goal of business promotion through Twitter.

1. Follow more people
Use the site’s search feature to find people that you could follow. You may also look at Twitter accounts of your competitors to look at their own followers. You may want to follow some or most of them because for sure, they are within your target niche market. Aim to have thousands of followers so you could maximise the potential of the site for promoting your business.

2. Start promoting your newsletter, Website, or blog in Twitter
Your followers and readers may be instantly redirected to the links you provide. You may also Tweet about the latest blog post you made or any new update/announcement about your business. Also Tweet about any feature your business may have in the local news. Remember to always engage your followers.

3. Use Twitter directories
Get your business or Twitter account listed on some directories so you could increase your chance of being followed or searched in Twitter. If you keep a business Website or blog, add or post your Twitter account so you could have more followers and so you could be searched for more often.

4. Get involved
Try to start or get into personal conversations through Twitter. Your short but striking Tweets should be interesting enough to be re-tweeted. Solicit replies and try to respond to each of those.

5. Take time to fill up or ramp up your profile
You could personalise your site to make it more interesting. How about using a customised Twitter background? Build links, increase awareness, and improve the visibility of your business through this social networking site.

6. Do not forget to Tweet regularly
This is so you could keep your visibility within the Twitter world high. Through regular updating and posting of Tweets, you could surely get more attention each day.

You could also use Twitter as a venue or strategy to boost or redirect more traffic into your business Website. Just be sure you would use it responsibly and you would not be an annoyance to your followers and to all other Twitter users. Keep on tweeting.

Andrew has been an active twitter user for the last 3 years. When he is not tweeting, Andrew offers advice on business loans and debt consolidation.

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