The Easiest Way to Increase CTR

Anyone who uses advertising online as a method to make money will know that CTR is one of the most crucial numbers which can effect your earnings. CTR or Click Through Rate is the percentage of people that click on adverts and is worked out by number of clicks / page impressions. Obviously, the higher your CTR the better but many people find it extremely difficult to increase their CTR. Don’t worry! Here is one of the easiest simplest ways to increase CTR.

To explain how this works, I will use Here are two pictures of my website and I will like you to note down the two major differences (spot the difference!):


What Have I Done?
If you have said that I added the gadget ‘Popular Posts’ to my sidebar, you are right. But, in doing that, what have I done?
  • I’ve removed the Adsense adverts from appearing on landing pages (you now have to scroll down to see the adverts which will lower CTR).
  • I’ve increase the number of links on my site.

Let me stress to you how important the second bullet point is. One of the easiest ways to increase CTR is to decrease the number of links on your site as this will increase the chances the link being clicked on is an advert.

For example, on the first picture without the ‘Popular Posts’, I have 14 links (let’s say each adsense block is equal to one link). That means the chances of an advert being clicked on is 2/14 or 14%. Therefore, if your bounce rate is 0%, you will get a CTR around 14% (which is alot!).

My second picture with the ‘Popular Posts’ gadget has 18 links with one one of them links being Adsense. That’s a 1/18 chance the advert will be clicked on or a mere 5.5%. 

From this, just take a look at your website and work out the probability one of your adverts being clicked on. Then, take away all unnecessary links and work it out again. This method is not just easy but effective. Plus, it doesn’t negatively effect your website either. In actual fact, lowering the amount of links on your site could help decrease your bounce rate as your landing pages will look a lot more cleaner than before (when it was littered with links).

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