Why Everyone Is So Vulnerable To Google It’s Almost Scary

Yes, anyone who uses Google be it Adsense, Gmail, Blogger on any product of Google should be extremely scared at what power Google has over you. They can literally disable your account and to them, it’s like flicking a fly. However, there is some things you can do to stop your Google account becoming disabled.

On 4th May 2011 cam the worst day of my blogging life. While trying to sign into Blogger, I was redirected to a page which said ‘your account has been disabled’. I wanted to know why but they didn’t tell me. From my view, I really don’t think I have done anything wrong. The only thing I may have done was gone over the storage space allowed on Blogger (if there is one) or for my domain as I do post quite frequently. However, either way, my account was disabled.

Ask will online still appeared online, but I could no longer do anything to it. It was just there, left to rot on in the cyber world. I was close to crying. Imagine all of the hard work put into a blog and then Google disable your account for no reason. It’s pretty frustrating…

Luckily and I really mean luckily, my friend has administration rights to ask will online meaning ask will online is still going!

However, for all those who did lose their blogs. I know how it feels and I am so sorry for you. It mostly likely  happens to a lot of people and maybe I was one of the only lucky ones.

Anyway, to stop your account being disabled is quite easy. Don’t ‘push the limits’ of Google. If you may things quite black and white to Google, they won’t have the excuse to disable you. Give them to the slightest excuse will make them disable you unfortunately straight away.

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