What to Expect this Summer on Ask Will Online

This summer on AskWillOnline will be something to look forward too. At the moment, I am undertaking very boring GCSE exams which will finish 14th June. This means after that, I have all the time in the world to help you and create articles for readers of ask will online. What more, I feel like expanding on ask will online too…

Every time I have thought of a good article title, I have listed it down on my iPad so when the summer comes, I have content to write about. This varies from starting a blog, SEO to Google Adsense (making money online). These articles will fill up the whole of summer with helpful and relevant tips which will help you. Of course, if you need help or want me to write about something, I will be more than happy to do so as the aim for me is to help you.

I will also be expanding into what I will call “Tip of the Week”, where every Sunday, I will create an article summing up the week and providing a tip for you each week that can benefit your blog or your life. I hope this new series will turn out to become very useful to you.

As well as that, I will also be creating monthly (or as close to monthly) posts on stats of ask will online. These articles will include pageviews, bounce rate, visits (basically Google Analytics Stats) and Google Adsense stats. Although the day I’m writing this post will make ask will online only around 4 months old, I think it is crucial for you to know my stats so you can copy my techniques and learn from my mistakes to help make your blogs successful.

I will try to start this as soon as possible but at the moment, I am still doing revision for exams. Just remember that after 14th June, ask will online will provide even more help for you.

Will Green

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