What Colour To Make Adverts On Website

Making money online all sounds so easy if you get it right. What I’m talking about is the colour of adverts. You may have located your adverts in the most ideal and logical place on your blog or website, but if you made your adverts the wrong colour, be it Adsense, Chitika, Ad:Dynamo or adBrite ads, you will not make much earnings and will be losing valuable business. You need to pick the right colours in order to make the most money from your adverts.

When considering what colour to make your adverts, you have to consider the following factors:

  • What colours will attract the visitor’s attention most for my blog?
  • What colours will annoy the visitors?
  • And finally, what colours will make me and my adverts the most amount of money?

The first two bullet points are very closely related, where if one increases, the other will decrease and vice versa. The graph above shows the relationship between clicks on adverts and the colours of adverts in contrast to the website. It shows that if you make the adverts the same colour as the website, you won’t get many clicks. However, these adverts look more appealing to visitors and therefore gain more repeat views.

The red zone symbolizes adverts that contrast against the blog or website. E.g. a black blog with white adverts or a white blog with black adverts. This although has good amount of clicks and therefore revenue, it does put MANY people off websites. It makes blogs look cheap in a way that the the blogger is trying to attract as much attention to the blog as possible to make money.

The green section is what I believe to be the optimum area to make money for adverts. The adverts are not blended with the website but contemplate the website, like the advert at the end of this article. These, as well as having a healthy click through rate, are appealing and make your website look better generally.

However, there is no right or wrong answer. The best way to find what colours you should make your adverts is to experiment! Try contrasting, blending and contemplating adverts to see which ones make you money without annoying visitors. For me its blending, what’s it for you?

Contrasting Adverts
Blending Adverts
Contemplating Adverts


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