How To Remove/Hide Blogger’s Navbar Banner

How to remove Blogger’s Navbar

With every blogger blog, there is, by default a Navbar that lets gives you options within blogger. Now, from my point of view, this makes most blogs look, well, ‘cheap’ and obvious that someone uses blogger and I’m sure most people don’t like this navbar banner too. So, here’s a really easy way to get rid of that navbar.

The first thing you must always do is save your template. You never know, one day you can, without knowing, suddenly mess up your template and never be able to get it back. Trust me, its horrible, its happened to me.

After you have done that, go to blogger dashboard, then click on design and then edit HTML. Don’t expand widgets. Using ‘Control + F’, search for the following code:


Or simply just search for ]]>

Once you have found it, place this code directly above it:

#navbar { display: none; }


#navbar-iframe { display: none !important; }

Either way you will get rid of the navbar and make your blog look that bit more appealing and nicer.

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