How To Get Traffic As A New Blogger Starting A Website

When people start blogging, be it on word press, blogger, whoever, it is difficult to gain traffic or a constant amount of traffic. This is due to your website not being well known, little content, and hasn’t got many links to it and so on. However, as a new blogger, there’s always something you should always do.

Think of any product or service be it Google’s new Nexus phone or a holiday from Thomas Cook. Has it been advertised? the answer for 99.9% is yes. Why? Because the product or service is new, no-one knows about it. The same theory applies to blogs/websites.

No-one knows about a new blog or website do they? They haven’t had the chance to go on it because they don’t know it exists. That’s why it is extremely important for a blogger to fund in advertising his blog/website to the world, just like every business does.

I have been advertising AskWillOnline using two different advertising programs: Ad Dynamo and Google Adwords. And since then, I have had the highest amount of return visits suggesting that people clicked on my adverts, saw my website, and carried on keeping up to date on my website.

Ad Dynamo Advertising 

Ad:Dynamo Advertising and Publishing

Ad:Dynamo is fairly new to this market, only starting out in 2009. Since then, it has had an increased number of users and can even be suggested as an Adsense alternative. But, the visitors I gained from advertising using Ad:Dynamo weren’t at all interested in my blog and had a bounce rate (people just closing the page within 5 seconds of it loading) of 87%. Not good, and a waste of my money. The only positive is that you don’t have to bid as high as Adwords, only 40p a click.

Google Adwords Advertising

Google Adwords Advertising

Now, without question, this is the best out there on the market. My bounce rate with Adwords have been 24%  which is astonishing: 76% of people that click on Adwords ads are actually interested in ask will online! It’s easy to use but you will have to fund more money into Adwords, as there are more users so to show your ads will mean bidding at a higher price, say 50-60p.

Either way, Advertising your website/blog online is the way to go if your just starting a website or blog. Although it can be expensive, like businesses, only do it for as long as it takes to get consistent views. It took me 2 months and cost me £50, that’s all. You may think that’s a lot but for what you get in return, its nothing. Without advertising your blog/website online, you will find it will be very difficult getting consistent traffic to your blog/website.

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