The ‘Do’s and ‘Don’t’s of Blogging For Beginners

As a new blogger, be it word press or blogger you use, it can be very difficult to know ‘what to do’. Most bloggers won’t know how to attract the right people to their blogs, they don’t know how to make their blog look appealing, they don’t know nothing. That’s why as a new blogger, there are certain things to do and certain things you don’t do that will make your blog become a successful making you money.

blogging or making a website makes you money easily online

This is a lie as blogging takes effort, time and commitment: all of which are listed below.
Let’s start of with all the ‘do’s as a new blogger:

  • Do customize your blog to what’s on it – Without this, it can scare visitors away. Click here on how to customize your blog.
  • Do target the type of people your aiming your blog at – If its about Tech news, aim it at geeky young people.
  • Do write good content – This will help search engine traffic that can be up to 50% of all your traffic.
  • Do write useful content – What’s worst when reading blogs is stuff that goes on and on and on. Don’t be like that, make it useful and short.
  • Do create your own domain name – This will once again help with SEO traffic and make your blog look more professional. 
  • Do put money into advertising your blog – Like all good products, the companies advertise to let people aware of their new product. Same principle applies here. You have a new blog, get people aware of it!
  • Most importantly, ENJOY IT – There’s no point in making a blog if you don’t enjoy blogging. Just ask yourself is it worth putting money into? Are you that serious about this? If yes, do all of the above.

The ‘don’t’s and to be honest, you should be more aware of what not to do than what you should do, as this is where people mess up:

  • Don’t ever copy content from another blog – don’t worry! It’s not illegal, just will get you potentially banned from search engines and is just cheap. Trust me, the best blogs never copy.
  • Don’t make a blog that will have little visitors – I mean, if you your interested in cars, don’t make a blog just on one car, as your limiting your target market. Make the blog on cars generally. Your category for your blog should be quite general.
  • Don’t place ads on your website – ‘say, what?’ is what your probably thinking but for blogs, your wanting to get the traffic first, then the earnings will come. How can you make money without visitors? Concentrate on getting traffic to your blog first, then on monetizing it after.
  • Don’t overload your website design – People don’t like having too much information displayed so make your template neat and tidy and easy to navigate.
  • Don’t ever stop blogging after your first blog post – Keep updating to your blog otherwise your website will not progress and neither will your earnings.

If I could sum up the most important ‘do’, it would have to be to enjoy blogging. If you enjoy blogging, you will be self-motivated into doing all the other ‘do’s. And for the ‘don’t’s, well it will have to be not to copy content from other blogs. You want to make your content unique to your website, so that visitors have to come back to get your type of unique content.

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