Does anyone use Ad:Dynamo pay per click program to monetize their blog?

The easiest way to make money online nowadays are through pay per click programs such as Ad:Dynamo. Ad:Dynamo uses contextual advertising in which Ad:Dynamo will show adverts related to the content of the website or blog. E.g. a blog about football will have adverts on sports and footballs. However, does this work?

I have had many experiences with Ad:Dynamo with the majority of them unfortunately being all bad. The idea of Ad:Dynamo is great, but it can only really work if there are a good amount of advertisers and publishers. I have another blog about Tech and have counted only 8 different adverts being shown over 2 months. That’s embarrassing and just shows that there are a tiny amount of advertisers using Ad:Dynamo. To make money from being a publisher on Ad:Dynamo, you have to have a lot of advertisers and Ad:Dynamo does not have this.

I wanted Ad:Dynamo to do well (I liked the way that offer payments in direct debit) and so advertised on Ad:Dynamo myself instead of the obvious best alternative, Google AdWords. With this experience, it was also quite bad. I got only 3,000 advert impressions a month and roughly 500 clicks. This cost me around £50. However, I have been refunded £38 of that due to people invalidly clicking on the adverts. That’s 76% of all people that click on my adverts are invalidly clicking on them!

I’m so shocked at how bad the publisher and advertiser accounts are on Ad:Dynamo. The main problem is that no-one uses Ad:Dynamo. I am 100% sure if everyone that uses Google AdWords and Adsense used Ad:Dynamo instead, Ad:Dynamo would be better than Google AdWords and Adsense. But, because that will never happen, I guess Ad:Dynamo will never be as good as other pay per click programs and always second best.

Check out to see some of the adverts Ad:Dynamo provided me that are meant to be contextual to the content (Tech).


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