Ten Tips To Writing a Blog Post

Blog posts are no doubt the most important thing on your blog. It’s the reason people come to your blog. It can make your blog lose and gain traffic. That is why it is extremely important to know the basics when writing a blog post and I will tell you them.

As I have said, blog posts are the reason visitors come to your site. They want to read the content inside the posts and if you display the content badly, it will make your blog lose visitors and potentially a lot of money. Here are ten tips for writing a blog post that will help keep your blog producing levels of high visitors and money:

  1. Don’t ever copy and paste – you may be reading this thinking ‘never mind, I can’t be bothered to actually write stuff myself’ but this has a massive impact on how you are searched. Search engines know if you have copied it from another website and will rank you much lower on their engines or even ban you. I have had first experiences on this as I have this blog that has a lot of consistent visitors and another blog with copied articles and blog posts. It gets at most 20 visitors a day.
  2. Try to write as little as possible – Time is money in today’s world and people won’t want to read a 1000 word post which could have been sum up in 200 words. Therefore, get straight to the point.
  3. Fill your posts with keywords This will up your page rank on Google increasing traffic from search engines.
  4. Write like you would talk – This is very important as people don’t want to feel like they are reading from a robot. They want to feel like they are part of a conversation. So, make them feel involved by asking rhetorical questions like I have done in this post.
  5. Make your headline snappy, get readers interested in your post – It’s like reading a book by it’s front cover. You have to make the front cover of your post AMAZING so that readers will want to click and read more of it. Otherwise, you will be losing a lot of traffic.
  6. Link like crazy! – This is also important to internally and externally link. Link posts between posts on your blog so that the reader once finished reading the post, he will see related posts and click on them and carry on reading. Also, externally link as it does help with how you are ranked on search engines. The way I do it is by adding a load of dots at the end of my post like this: ....... and link each dot to a different page.
  7. Proof read your post – This is extremely helpful as if you get bored when reading it, you know it’s too long and you can correct any mistakes in spelling. One of the worst things while reading a blog is spelling mistakes, it just makes it feel cheap.
  8. Make you post easy to scan – Put sub headings and make titles bold and underline. If readers don’t want to read it all and just want to read a section, they can do this if the pots is easy to scan, resulting in them feeling a lot better after reading it as they got to the point easy and quickly. As you can see from this post, although there is no subheadings, the main point is in bold so if you want to read more into that bold bullet point, you can easily.
  9. Give your opinion – Comments on blogs significantly increase views to your blog and make it look busy. By giving your opinion will encourage readers to give theirs and then the debate happens which will also encourage repetitive visitors.
  10. Promote and advertise it! Give your post and help in hand and promote it on social sites like twitter and Facebook for free.  http://yousaytoo.com also provide a good way of promoting blogs, by every time a new blog appears on your website, it goes straight onto http://yousaytoo.com so your blog is on two websites, not just one, for free.

Each one of these points will help you to making a killer post, increasing your visitors numbers and profit. To make money you need people to click on adverts. For people to click on adverts they need to be on your website. For people to be on your website, you must have something to attract them. A good post will do exactly that.

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