The Steps To Making Your First Website

Blogging is a great way to make extra money online. I have heard stories of some people successfully making over £400 a day, just from spending about 10 minutes a day. Blogger Newbies Series will help you run start up your blog, run your blog, maximize your profit online and more. Today, I will be looking at how to start a blog.

First, to make a blog/website with, you need to create a Google Account as Google and Blogger are linked. You can do this here.

So, you now have a google account which will always be your blogger log in information. Next step is to choose the name of your blog. Now, think carefully about this, to attract most views, you want to use words that lots of people search with. To do this, click here where you can see exactly how many people search the keyword monthly, and how competitive the keyword market is. Try and be original as search engines HATE anything that has been copied. Later on when you have finished the set up, you can change the domain so you don’t have ‘blogspot’ in your domain like I do.

Next you have to choose a template. A template is basically how you want the blog to look like. There are many templates and try to suit it to what your blog is about. Don’t worry if you pick the wrong one, you can change it later on.

In theory, you have set up your blog but you have a lot of work to do in customizing it and adding content. Now, what you should be looking at is the dashboard. If not, click the big blogger button in the top left. Here you can do all you want to your blog and is the central for your blog. In the next post, I will be guiding you through the dashboard buttons. Until then good luck 🙂

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