The Organisation Structure Of A Business

In a Business there are many different key words you need to know in the Organisational Structure of a Business and here they all are:

  • Manager or Line Manager – This is someone who is directly in control of someone else. E.g. Sir Alex Ferguson is directly in control of Wayne Rooney (well not so anymore since but while he was at Manchester United) so he is a Manger or Line Manager.
  • Subordinate – This is a person who has someone responsible for them higher up in the Hierarchy Table.
  • Hierarchy – This is the layers of Management in an organisation or business.
  • Chain of Command – This shows the reporting system from the top of the Hierarchy to the bottom.
  • Span of Control – This is an easy one. It’s the number of staff or employees that are answerable directly to a manager: the amount of people the Manager is in control of.
  • Delegation – The process of passing authority down the Hierarchy of a business therefore spreading power down towards shop-floor staff.

Delegation can also be known as giving responsibility or a task to someone else. Such example is of a business asking someone else to make their product.

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