How to Customize Your Blogger Blog – Blogger Newbies Series

It is highly recommended for anyone who has a website or blog to customize it to fit the content on the blog or website. For example, a valentine’s website should be pink or red coloured where a news website maybe more neutral colours. This post will help you customize your blog the exact way you want and the best way to increase traffic.

Firstly, let’s start off with how to get to the customization part of blogger. On the dashboard, click design and then template designer. You should now be looking at this:

Template Designer for ask will online

This is is where you can customize you blog to what you want. On the top left, the first option is template. Here you can change the look of your blog easily and quickly. But, as many bloggers already use these templates, it won’t make your blog look different.

The next option down is background where you can change the background image of your blog. I would advise on a non-complicated background as you don’t want your readers attention being distracted for some complicated background image. As you see with ask will online, it’s nothing keeping the reader’s attention always on the content. You can also change the theme of your blog, so experiment with different colours to see what colour suits your blog the best.

After background, there’s layout which lets you customize how many side bars (if any) you want. Again, ask will online uses a side bar on each side: one for content related widgets and the other for adverts. However, your blog may be better using only one side bar to the right. As people read from left to right, they will read the content first.

The next option is adjust widths, which lets you change the widths of each side bar and the whole blog. However, this is quite restricted as the max with blogger let’s you have is only 1000 pixels. Click here to make your blog even wider if you want.

After that, there’s advanced which has many options of customization. Here, you can change nearly everything else on your blog such as font, colour, size and so on.

If you can’t decide how you want your blog to look to attract as many people as possible, look at similar websites to yours to see how they have customized their blog.

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