Best Traffic Sources For Your Blog or Websites

There are many many articles out there describing what are the best traffic sources for a blogger and I always find them to be not what I expect. What are the best traffic sources? How do you get them? Does it work? These will all be answered…

Traffic when your starting out as a new blog can and will be very difficult to get. You have not much content and not many people will know about your website. Darn it! So, you go in search for ‘traffic’ on the web and come across people saying these are the best ways of getting traffic:

– Searching engine submission
– Search engines
– Social websites
– Advertising
– Commenting on forums
– Backlinking

Now, these are all good ways, actually, exceptional ways of gaining traffic to your website, but how easy is it?

Let’s start of with search engine submission. Now, this is completely pointless. Do not waste a minute of your life submitting your site to search engines. Why? Because search engines like Google and Yahoo look for new content on the web on a weekly basis. When they find new content they submit it automatically, so there’s no need to submit your site manually. If you do submit your site manually, you could get banned from the search engine for over-submitting, bare that in mind…

What about the Search engines themselves? Well, for most websites, this is the main traffic source, but featured on the first page of search results from a search engine is difficult. You must have a good page rank that can take literally ages to get. Click here for more info on page ranking.

Social Websites. Twitter, Facebook, Ping etc.. are great ways of getting traffic. It will get you many returned visits. They work a treat. The only problem is how to get people to follow you to begin with. I started a twitter account for a website (not this one) about a year ago. Now, I have 2,000 followers. Honestly, my personal account made double that which I cannot explain? Plus, it’s a lot of work tweeting every post of yours onto your social website. If it doesn’t become more than 10% of your traffic source, I would suggest just giving up.

Advertising could be classed as the most effective way of gaining traffic to your website. I used Google’s Adwords for a month and straight away it was 70% of my traffic. Like WOW! Just one exception, it’s pricey. If your a new blog I would highly reccomend advertising on the internet to get things rolling. Just like with a new product, companies like Apple or Samsung advertise people to get them aware of their new product. You as a blogger will have to do the same for a short period of time otherwise it will be very difficult.

You will be surprised from the amount of traffic people can get from commenting on forums. With blogger, you can leave a signature for every comment that could be linked to your website. If you make good comments to a post, people will think, ‘hey, he’s talking sense, I’ll check out his website’. You will be surprised how much traffic you can get from commenting on posts on other blogs for 10 minutes a day.

Lastly, but not least there’s backlinks, my personal favourite. backlinks are basically are where people link to your website from other websites. They increase your page ranking, and attract serious amount of visitors if your content is good enough to be backlinked with. I also found a form of backlinking that is very effective and automatic: . This website when you post a new post on your blog, will automatically post your post onto that site free. I have achieved 20% of my normal traffic from this site alone. Just imagine if you sign up to 10 of these sites. So every time you upload a new post, them ten sites will tell the world you have!

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any of the above, just some work better than others. Advertising is better for new blogs while Page ranking and backlinks are more long term. Either way, it’s going to get you more traffic!


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