Best Blogger App for Apple iPad and iPhone – Blogger Press Review

When I blog, I could only blog on my laptop or a computer. It was annoying, as when I’m out, I just couldn’t write posts for my blog. But, there’s an app for that like there’s an app for literally everything. It comes at a reasonable price of £1.79 called Blogpress.

Now, it’s both available for the iPad and iPhone, and can be used not only with Blogger but WordPress and other blog writing sites such as MSN Live Space, MovableType, TypePad, Live Journal, Drupal, Joomla, Tumblr, SquareSpace and My Opera.

You can link your account to as many blogs as you want and connect to your youtube account, twitter and facebook, brilliant! This means every post you upload gets automatically posted on facebook and twitter while every video you post is uploaded to YouTube.

Blogpress has an easy to use User Interface that makes it incredibly easy to post what you want to your blog. However, I found it difficult to write long posts on the iPhone and preferred using the iPad version when I could.

The price of this is app is also value for money. Yes, blogger online is free, but you get literally every feature online but on a custom made app for your iPhone and iPad, you can’t go wrong with this app.

It just makes blogging so much easy and more convenient. I’m waiting on a train, I’m waiting on the bus, so I simply get my iPhone out and post an article on my blog 🙂 The only people I would not reccomend this app to are non-travellers. If you don’t travel a lot and therefore don’t expect to use your iPhone or iPad much for posting, this app isn’t for you.

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