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Undestanding a Marketing Plan

The marketing plan includes the following:
  • Marketing objectives.
  • Marketing strategy.
  • Marketing budget.
  • Marketing activities.
A marketing plan should:
  • Set out what is going to be done when: date of launch; promotions to be done during launch; promotions to be done priorto launch.
  • Who is responsible for each activity.
  • The resources needed.
Benefits of Marketing Plan
  • Co-ordination.
  • Track progress.
  • Consider all options.
  • Clear direction.
Drawbacks of a Marketing Plan
  • Changes in market conditions.
  • Takes time.
  • Miss opportunities.

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  1. Clear direction is always important in marketing plan. And you always have to consider your objectives, strategy, budget, and activities. Thank you for sharing this useful information.

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  2. When you form an LLC, you must learn how to make a clear marketing plan to impress your client.

  3. A clear and concise marketing plan is vital for every business. According to a dental advertising specialist, a marketing specialist clarifies company goals and the time line.

  4. Marketing plans nowadays should be shorter than what businesses traditionally do. The changes in market conditions are now faster because of technology. Reviewing your marketing plan should be made quarterly to minimize the risk of missing some opportunities.

  5. Thank you for the outline! An effective marketing plan is necessary for business success. It should include advertising and promotion strategies as well even if it takes hiring Long Island advertising agencies.

  6. I suggest that you also use twitter because it is so powerful for business marketing. Even the advertising agency in New York has a digital marketing department that uses social media networks to advertise their clients.