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New Adsense Advert Layout For iPad

RSS While I was surfing on Ask Will Online (yes, I'm sad for the reason  I surf over my own website), I saw something rather different about the Google Adsense adverts displayed on my pages. It was on my iPad I saw a new layout for Adsense adverts for the 336x280 ad. All image adverts looked exactly the same. Yet, the text adverts on the advert above my posts looked different. It looked better.

This new type advert displayed three text adverts with an arrow to the left pointing to each one. The colours I applied on Adsense are still used with the text being blue and links being grey. If you don't know what I'm on about, here is the difference between a normal Adsense advert and the new advert for iPads (I think):

Less adverts are displayed on the iPad optimized adverts. Yet, the whole advert looks a lot less compacted and more cleaner. It's another unnoticed touch Google have added to their adverts to hopefully improve performance for advertisers and publishers. However, I think this new layout to adverts will prove better in many ways:
  • Higher CTR - This advert style is extremely new. Therefore, not many people will associate these adverts as being 'adverts'. For this reason, more people will click on them thinking they are normal links (the only thing given it away is the 'AdChoices' in the bottom right of each ad box).
  • Cleaner Look - It is clear that out of the two above adverts, the new design to the right has a cleaner and more fresh look. For this reason, it can prevent people from clicking away from the publisher's website: a high bounce rate can be caused by advertising.
  • Faster Loading - As technology increases, so will the loading time too. The time taken for the previous old advert will be a lot more than the new updated advert on the right. This will make your page load quicker stopping people getting frustrated over your website's loading time.
I don't know about you, but I'm very excited over these new types of adverts. No doubt Google will be performing high intensive analysis to how these new adverts perform against the old one and to be honest, so will I! If these adverts are not up to the standards of the 'bog standard' Adsense advert, then I will have to change the advert type to image to stop this new ad style from being show. However, it is likely that it will become a success from the points I have displayed above. Rarely, if ever, do Google go back to the past after trying out the future. 

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4 comments so far:

  1. I can't see this type of advert?

  2. It is most likely because you are viewing Adsense adverts from a laptop etc...

    At the moment, I the only device I can confirm which can view this new type of advert is the iPad.

  3. I am finding that if someone is using Google adsense (say for some months no problem and money increases double month over month) and then they sign up with advertising on Bing - even though Unique visits continues to climb, the adsense clicks suddenly drop by more then 60%!!! Nothing anyone can do I'm sure, which is why and how Google can do this crap, but I wanted to at least let people know what is happening. Its more then scammy its fraudulent! At least one website this is happening too is -FYI

  4. I find that hard to understand, how would Google know if you signed up for Bing's form of advertising?

    If this is the case though, I agree. It is out of order to publishers of Adsense.