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Biotechnology and Food - Biology Extension GCSE

On my last post on biotechnology, I forgot about the different uses biotechnology has in food. There are eight main uses which I will list in this post now. Even though it is difficult to remember the names of some of the bacteria, it is crucial you know them and there is a high chance this will come up in the Biology Extension Paper.

  • Carrageen - Used as jelly, it is a carbohydrate and comes from seaweed.
  • Vitamin C - Used for health benefits, it breaks down glucose using enzymes and and bacteria used is Acetobacter.
  • Chymosin - Produces cheese without a cow so is good for vegetarians, yeast makes Chymosin and it is produced by Mucor Miehei.
  • Yoghurt - Used in food, made by Lactobacillus bulgaricus which produces lactic acid which makes milk curdle (solidify).
  • Invertase - Used to convert surose into glucose and fructose, used in soft centred chocolae and is made by yeast or Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.
  • MSG - Used to flavour foods like Chinese, produces glutaomic acid which converts to MSG and bacteria used in Corynebacterium glutamicum.
  • Prebiotics - Used to enhance health and uses bacteria.
  • Citric acid - Used in fruit squashes, comes from corn molasses and fungus used is Aspergillus niger.

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  1. HI, would it be possible if you could do a similar summary for the second topic, of Biology Unit 3.2 regarding human and animal behaviour. This has been very useful. My exam is on Thursday.

    Thank you

  2. Yeah I have done that and was going to do it anyway. If it helps for you to know, I'm also going to put up Physics and Chemistry Extension too, it will be sometime this week and next.