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10 Ways to Know when your Blog is Successful

Anyone who has a blog be it on Wordpress or Blogger will agree that identifying when your blog is successful can be quite difficult. How can you measure it? Is it by how much money you make, how much traffic you get or how many comments you get? Here's 10 ways in which you can measure how successful your blog is.

  • Traffic - this is the main way most people interpret their blog as being successful. An increase in traffic or high constant traffic will show signs that your blog is successful.
  • Money - yes it's obvious that if you make money blogging, you are successful.
  • Bounce rate - A low bounce rate is highly desired by most bloggers which is why it can also be a way of measuring your success.
  • Organic traffic - Some bloggers get their traffic artificially so by using organic traffic from search engines such as Google will provide a much accurate picture of your success.
  • Comments - you may consider measuring your success through how social you are with your readers with the use of comments. The more comments the better!
  • Retweets - By seeing how many times others have tweeted your tweets will provide how well social networks are performing for you. You can find out how many times you have been retweeted here.
  • Google Pagerank - this provides the rank out of 10 on how important you are on the website: the more links to your site the better.
  • Alexa rank - this provides you with the stats of your traffic and ranking out of all the websites on the internet.
  • Feedback! - if you get good feedback from readers, you will know your website is serving their needs and is benefiting others!
  • Demand - if there is a demand for your blog such as to provide guest posts or to sell advertising, this can also measure your success. The more demand for your blog, the better.
How you measure the success of your blog is entirely up to you. But, the flaw of bloggers everywhere is that they measure the success of their blog with factors that don't exactly matter. For example, let's take a blogger who is measures the success of his blog through how fast his loading times are. As much as loading times are crucial in decreasing factors such as bounce rate, it is not a big enough factor to measure the success of the WHOLE blog. The above bullet points each can measure the success of the whole blog which is why I strongly reccommend using one or more of the above as a basis to know when your blog is successful.

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A student in England studying Automotive Engineering with Motorsport, Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money. You can follow AskWillOnline via @AskWillOnline.

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  1. Good article. I would say money is the last thing, or at least should be. If you are making money, then you know your blog is successful. The other things are just milestones along the path to your ultimate goal.

  2. Yeah, the other factors contribute towards the main goal which is making money.

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