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How may Google Panda Affect the Traffic to Your Blog?

There has been exciting new updates from the world of Google with the name Google Panda. Google have released a new way of ranking websites to produce more relevant and useful content to Googlers. The aim is to eliminate 'bad websites' that are floating the net looking to pick up and steal 'cheap traffic' from good quality websites. However, how will this Google Panda update affect you as a blogger and your website?

Let's get straight what this new update actually does first. Google Panda is a new system by Google which it plans to reduce rankings for lower-quality sites and therefore increase the ranking of higher-quality sites. This makes the people using Google have higher quality relevant content which is Google's main objective.

So how will this affect you as a blogger? Well it can affect you in a good way, or a bad way.

Google Panda aims to give websites that have bad quality content or copied content a lower ranking on their search engine. Here are all the ways your website may be ranked lower on Google due to Panda:
  • Your website has copied content from other websites.
  • Your website generally has bad content.
  • If Google Chrome users places your website in the Personal Blocklist Chrome Extension.
Now this Chrome extension helps Google identify the 'bad' websites. When a Chrome user experiences a bad website, they tell Google it's 'bad' through this extension. This will lower your ranking as Google have said 84% of the websites named in the blacklist have been picked up by Google Panda.

At the same time, Google Panda can have massive benefits to your website if:
  • Your website has original good quality content.
  • Good page rank (PR will be looked at as more important for ranking with Google Panda)
SearchMetrics OPI Graph For's traffic from SearchMetrics
There have already been reports of big websites losing at most 99.7%! have lost 95% of their traffic as you can see from the graph! So this Google Panda will have big affects on the traffic of every blog. Unfortunately, I have only heard stories of people losing traffic. But, with websites losing traffic means others will gain traffic? 

It also makes me wonder why are the big websites losing traffic? If they produce high quality content and have amazing page ranks, why are they being ranked lower because of Google Panda? Google have said Panda will affect 11.8% of queries which looking at it is quite large considering the amount of people that search for things on Google. 

If you feel your website has good original content and has had a decrease in traffic, don't panic! Google Panda Algorithmic is still in the development process and will be getting updates all of the time. 

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  1. Wow finally ?I understand what is it. You explained it in the easiest possible way,Thanks alot. So the websites and blogs that copy content ,beware Google panda is here... :D

  2. Exactly, if I was a blog that copied content, I would be very worried and check for any drops in traffic.

  3. Panda devalued irrelevant or spammy content. This includes splogs, directories, and duplicates. Only by providing fresh quality content that piques readers' attention can your blog actually get high traffic volume.

  4. Well said. High quality fresh content is the most significant factor to achieving high traffic volumes.

  5. I agree with SEO reseller. Perhaps with future updates, the face of the SEO game might change and use social signals with equal value to the content relevance.

  6. Every time Google updates their algorithm somebody gets affected.
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  7. The world of article spinners and automatic submissions is dying a slow death with each Google Panda update. However, unique content submitted to quality directories still works very well.

  8. So Google Panda will affect only those website that have low quality content else it will not have any affect on your site. I would appreciate if you do a post on tips to overcome Google panda affect and strategy that we should follow so that our website doesn't affected by Google

  9. I have just created this article answering your request!