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Why Are My Pictures on Blogger Blurry and Pixelated?

When you upload pictures on blogger if that may be a picture for your post, header or a gadget they sometimes turn out blurry. Then you try to change it, change the resolution, do EVERYTHING but it's still blurry: Why? How can I change it so that pictures turn crisp and detailed like they already are before you upload them? Here's the answer.

My first experience with this problem from blogger left me very frustrated and most likely made you feel the same way. Why do I have blurry pictures even though they are in good detail before I upload them?

I've been searching and searching all over the internet and came up with this conclusion from many people that have had the same problem: blogger has a random flaw that only effects certain bloggers. If your unlucky enough to be one of these people, here's my solution that has worked in preventing pictures to be blurry, pixelated or different from the way they were before they were uploaded.

I upload all my photos from the hard drive on my computer. Now, this could be the problem and has been for some bloggers. It seems the problem can be solved if you upload photos from the internet, not from your hard drive. I used to upload my pictures for free. After that, you just copy the url of the picture instead of uploading from choosing a file. For my case this solved the problem.

Others have found that the actual size of your picture can make the picture blurry when uploaded. Firstly, if the picture is relatively small, blogger may try to stretch it which causes pixelation and blurriness. Others have found if the size of the picture is different to the size blogger wants to upload the picture as, that can also cause blurriness. Therefore if you want a picture as your title header at the top of your blog, make it as wide as your blog is.

But, I found uploading through pic panda URL way to be the solution to the blurriness and pixelation.

If this method does not work for you, click here for the more reliable method of fixing blogger images.

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6 comments so far:

  1. thank you! you saved my life. it is so frustrating and i kept being directed to the group page when i searched for people who are experiencing the same problem. that is so annoying!

    thank you thank you!

  2. Hi there,

    Would you be able to know why the mobile template display crappy pictures Vs the PC version.

    I haven't find anything yet.

    1. Hi Nadia,

      After looking on both your PC and mobile versions of your website, I cannot see what the problem is? The images on your mobile template are crystal clear. They might become blurry from some people when the bandwidth for downloading content from your website decreases. Therefore, to accommodate this, your website decreases the pixel density of your pictures so that the content is not affected by the decreased bandwidth in any way. Hope this helps.

  3. this was SO helpful! I had not had this problem as badly as I did with a post I tried to publish today and that totally fixed it! thanks!!