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The Organisation Structure Of A Business

In a Business there are many different key words you need to know in the Organisational Structure of a Business and here they all are...

Manager or Line Manager - This is someone who is directly in control of someone else. E.g. Sir Alex Ferguson is directly in control of Wayne Rooney so he is a Manger or Line Manager.

Subordinate - This is a person who has someone responsible for them higher up in the Hierarchy Table.

Hierarchy - This is the layers of Management in an organisation or business.

Chain of Command - This shows the reporting system from the top of the Hierarchy to the bottom.

Span of Control - This is an easy one. It's the number of staff or employees that are answerable directly to a manager: the amount of people the Manager is in control of.

Delegation - The process of passing authority down the Hierarchy of a business therefore spreading power down towards shop-floor staff.

Delegation can also be known as giving responsibility or a task to someone else. Such example is of a business asking someone else to make their product.

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