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adBrite Exchange - Pay per click program review - Adsense Alternative

AdBriteWith more and more people wanting to make money online, the demand for advertising programs has surged. AdBrite exchange is a American advertising program that can possibly rival Google's Adsense. This review will cover all you want and need to know about adBrite.

adBrite is an e-commerce website, where it gives users the ability to buy and sell adverts and ad space. When making an account on adBrite, you get both an advertiser and publisher account. This post will go into the publisher account:

With adBrite, you have a range of ad formats. You can either be traditional and have ads like I have on my website, have full page ads or in-line ads. Full page ads appear 1 every 5 views while in-line ads link random words on your website to adverts. Be warned, I found when I used adBrite with full page ads and in-line ads enabled, my returning visitors went down significantly (source from Google Analytics). It just shows that these ads adBrite offer are annoying and certainly doesn't improve your CTR (Click Through Rate). This is why if you are to use them, only use the traditional ads.

adBrite also gives users the option to decline certain ads from being displayed on your site. If you are lazy, you can automatically approve all ads that want to appear on your site. However, I found this literally rubbish as the only ads that appeared where buttons that said 'DOWNLOAD' or 'PLAY' and these ads paid out only 1 cent per click. Just terrible. Just don't do what I did and approve or decline the ads wanting to be displayed, otherwise you will not make much money at all even if you do get a lot of clicks.

adBrite, like Adsense, has a wide range of customizations, from choosing any colour to show your ads and size too. The adverts are also contextual making the ads displayed linked in with what's on the website improve CTR.

adBrite offers only cheque as a payment method and to get a cheque sent to your house you first have to make a respectable $20 at minimum, which compared to the minimum of other PPC programs, is not a lot.

Overall, I found adBrite difficult to use. As I live in the UK, I want my cheques payable in British Sterling Pound so this was never going to work. However, for the 2 months I used it for, I had non contextual advertising, and a tiny eCPM (amount of money made per 1,000 impressions) making adBrite a no-no for me.

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A student in England studying Automotive Engineering with Motorsport, Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money. You can follow AskWillOnline via @AskWillOnline.

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  1. AdBrite is definitely not an alternative to Google AdSense or any ad network that pays half of the money that Google would pay you. I don’t think AdBrite is even paying 10 percent of the money that you would make with AdSense. AdBrite doesn’t pay for the clicks you receive; AdBrite pays for the number of times the ad displays (impressions). So, an ad or banner could have displayed 10,000 times on your website with 200 clicks and AdBrite may only pay you $1.80. Although AdBrite is displaying nicer banners than before because they made deals with ad companies, the ads are not contextual. My advice is to stay away from AdBrite if you really want to make money.

  2. I agree, adBrite provides a very low eCPM which as you say, means you need 100s of 1000s of views to make even the smallest amount. Whereas if you used Adsense, money would roll in quite easily.

  3. Yeah, I agree adbrite is nothing compared to adsense. I think if you have got yourself banned from adsense your best bet is to use chitika. That had much better returns for me than adbrite.

  4. I agree that chitika are the best adsense alternative, as the ads are relevant to your search engine results and can be displayed (if you get unbanned from adsense) along side adsense. However, with this Market ever increasing in pay per click programs, the competition is increasing with newbies coming in such as Ad Dynamo.

  5. I everyone should avoid AdBrite and just let it die. They don't pay per click but per every 1,000 views and very little. You may earn from $0.01 to $0.03 per 1,000 views and still don't get pay because they may say that you are generating too few views. AdBrite is a scam.

  6. From what you said, they don't sound too good!

  7. "Litterally rubbish Download or Play"
    You effing said it! You're the man.I will totally spam click all your ads and stick to your site now.